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Adrian Rubin Philanthropy

Adrian Rubin is a professional in the field of real estate and property development based in Philadelphia, PA. Adrian operates in the industry throughout various regions around the continental United States. He has many years of experience handling all different aspects of the field that include land and land development, retail shopping centers, office buildings, apartments, and family housing. It’s clear from his track record of excellence that Adrian Rubin has a breadth of experience and expertise that spans across all different kinds of properties, however, he specializes in family housing. Even with all of his professional accomplishments, Adrian still thinks that there is no greater joy in his work than finding the right home for the right family and seeing the satisfaction and excitement that this brings to his clients.

While Adrian enjoys working on more commercial properties, he decided to focus more of his attention on family housing because of this very moment in the process when a family finally steps into their new home. When Adrian Rubin isn’t helping families in a professional capacity, he likes to spend his time helping children suffering from serious illnesses through his philanthropic work. Adrian supports the Children’s Hospital in his free time through both financial contributions and through volunteering his time to the cause.

Adrian first realized the importance of organizations like the Children’s Hospital Association when he first became a father. Adrian Rubin feels so grateful to have had healthy children. However, when he thinks of those days of being a “father to be” and a father of young children, he became more acutely aware of all of the things that could potentially “go wrong” or somehow go off script – even when you take every precaution and arm yourself with as much information as possible as a parent. Your kids are always at the risk of something. With this newfound awareness, Adrian felt compelled to find a way to help others who had not been as lucky in the health of their children, and he felt that the best way to do this would be to get involved with the Children’s Hospital Association and contribute in any way that he could to helping ill children and their families.

Whether this meant donating funds, bringing his family to visit the ward and read to kids, donate toys to the hospital, or help organize fundraisers, Adrian always tries to find ways to involve his family, friends and colleagues in helping this cause.

The Children’s Hospital Association advances through innovation in the quality, cost and delivery of care with their children’s hospitals. There is nothing more important to Adrian than supporting children when they need it most under these unfortunate circumstances.

The Association serves as an umbrella to 220 children’s hospitals all over the country. The Children’s Hospitals around the nation aim to provide the highest pediatric care while training the next generation of pediatricians. Some of their highest priorities include the following:

  • ensure the health of children now and in the future
  • raise awareness of health care needs for children
  • innovate solutions that help children’s health care, pediatric health care, and lower costs within the healthcare system
  • raise awareness of the significance of children’s hospitals

Adrian Rubin on Children’s Hospital Today:

Currently serving as President and Chief Financial Officer of the Association is Mark Wietecha. Before joining the Children’s Hospital Association, Mark served as the executive chairman for Kurt Salmon Associates. Here he oversaw a global consulting firm of over 2,000 people serving providing services to clients on 5 different continents in 6 different languages. Ultimately, the Association is in great hands and Adrian is happy to support such an organization and cause.

One of the main aspects of the Association that ultimately encouraged to look at this organization as the main recipient of his support is the fact that there is such a multi-pronged approach to pediatric care. Not only is the Children’s Hospital Association focused on the quality of care given to these gravely ill kids, but it also heavily values the research and training behind future treatments. This ability to capture both short and long-term goals through one organization is not only impressive, but it’s critical in terms of improving the quality of life and care for patients in the years to come.

Research Today for Solutions of Tomorrow

While many think that most funds should be donated to those poor little souls that are afflicted with serious conditions and diseases and suffering now, it’s important to remember the intrinsic value in performing and appropriately funding research that could lead to serious breakthroughs – even if it can’t help the child that is sick today. This is not to demean the importance and critical importance of funding those that are offering care to these client populations today, but simply to remind us of the importance of looking ahead while we also treat those who need care today.

Awareness as a Necessity

Another great aspect of the vision behind this association is the idea of spreading awareness. While publicity and marketing may be looked down upon when it comes to philanthropic causes or organizations like this, in today’s world awareness is a necessity. When these hospitals offer new services, excel in particular areas of treatment, or have significant findings in their research, the public should know about it. These days, it’s not enough to just do a good job, it’s also about creating visibility…even when it comes to healthcare! So it’s important that this organization not only devote resources to publicizing the work of these hospitals, but that they also disseminate more information about the kinds of illnesses that they are battling and soliciting help and involvement from the public. Raising awareness is also critical in just raising the healthcare literacy of the general public.

Advocating for the Ill

While it may seem like childhood illnesses only affect a small percentage of the population, these illnesses and treatments can also serve to highlight how the american healthcare system does and/or does not work. Treatment options for these children can unfortunately be limited by the type of insurance that the family has or even determined by how much the family can afford out of pocket. Finding funds to save the lives or improve the quality of the lives of these patients can truly be a financial burden for these families, which hardly seems fair. And this is one area where fundraising and donating to organizations like the Children’s Hospital Association can truly help change the face and policies of the american healthcare system and also aid the families of these sick kids today.

Legislative Wins

Although the Children’s Hospital Association is always looking to make a positive impact by getting involved on a legislative level to ensure access to care and services and secure funding for training and solutions, there are a few policies that were a direct result of efforts set forth by the organization.

ACE Kids Act

Due to the well strategized efforts of various members of the CHA, the organization made significant gains on the organization’s number one priority – advancing solutions for kids that suffer from medical complexity on a federal level. The ACE Kids Act bill, H.R. 4930, gained over one hundred cosponsors across party lines when it was first introduced in 2014. The Act also garnered a lot of momentum in advancing CHA’s core objectives. The following year, a bipartisan effort from the Senate and House proposed identical legislation as the “Advancing Care for Exceptional Kids Act of 2015” (ACE Kids Act). This legislation addresses the financial costs associated with treatment options for children with medical complexity and looks to lower the costs out of pocket for the families.


The Children’s Health Insurance Program goes all the way back to bipartisan beginnings in 1997 and provides eligible children with health care coverage, including developmentally-appropriate benefits, a full range of providers in network, and affordable cost-sharing protections. On March 26, 2015, the House voted to pass H.R. 2, The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, by a strong vote of 392 to 37. The bill passed the Senate on April 14 and was signed into law by President Obama on April 16. CHA is a primary partner in a coalition of allied organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the March of Dimes, Family Voices and others, and if they hadn’t coordinated such a successful push, this legislation would have expired in September of 2015.


Another huge win for CHA came In April 2014, when President Obama signed into law S. 1557, the Children’s Hospital GME Support Reauthorization Act of 2013. Essentially this bill gave the Children’s Hospital Graduate Medical Education (CHGME) program a renewal through FY 2018. The CHGME program allocates federal funding to training pediatricians and pediatric specialists at independent children’s teaching hospitals who, for whatever reason cannot participate in the similar GME program sponsored by Medicaid. Pediatricians and pediatric specialists trained through this program and funded by this law work throughout the US and abroad.

It’s clear that organizations like the Children’s Hospital Association are critical in not only enabling the treatment of ill children, but in finding long-term solutions and cures to many of the problems that we face today.