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If you are a parent, you’ve no doubt thought about what you would do if your child got seriously ill. Your number one priority, of course, would be getting the best care possible.  Your second concern would probably be how you are going to pay all of the resulting bills. Children’s hospitals can help.

Children need special care when they are sick, from providers who have years of experience working with kids. Children need medications, monitoring, technology, and procedures that are specialized for their needs, and they need hospital staff members that are sensitive to both kids and their caregivers. Children’s hospitals around the country can provide this specialized care, very often for children that are uninsured or under-insured.

But children’s hospitals do even more than care for children when they are sick. They also work in the community to educate the public about child abuse prevention, injury prevention, and how to keep kids healthy. They provide training for pediatric residents and specialists, and support research into disease prevention.

There are 220 children’s hospitals around the country that belong to the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA). The CHA works to make children’s hospitals better, by focusing on policy, educating providers, helping payers, encouraging quality and safety best practices, and raising awareness of health care needs for children, as well as the significance of children’s hospitals and the work they do. The Association serves as a unified voice for children’s hospitals, ensuring that each hospital can give the very best of care to each and every patient.

The CHA is a very worthy cause, and there are many ways to support the group. You can donate money, volunteer your time, organize fundraisers, or even just visit your local children’s hospital to read to the kids and bring them toys.