Don’t Forget September = Childhood Cancer Awareness

September is childhood cancer awareness monthFor those that may not be aware, the month of September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. But what exactly does that mean? This year alone the parents of almost 16 thousand kids all over the United States will receive the heart-wrenching news from the doctor that “your child has cancer”. Twenty to twenty five percent of those diagnosed will not survive. These statistics are hard to swallow for anyone. However, during the month of September, parents, caregivers, families, researchers and charities around the US look at September as a time to remember those children who lived a brief life due to the disease, and re-dedicate themselves to finding ways to combat the disease and give those that are ill a bit more comfort while they are here.

Many children’s hospitals and research institutes sell awareness month kits that include ribbons, pins, magnets and other tokens of recognition for the wearer, while profits from the purchase are donated to the cause. In addition to small trinkets associated with childhood cancer awareness, communities are encouraged to show their support by sponsoring or hosting different events. Schools, parents, sports’ teams are all encouraged to participate and bring awareness to this cause in such a way.

If you are interested in showing your support, but aren’t sure where to start, there are a ton of ways that you can get involved. From sharing informational videos on your social media profiles, to making a donation, to learning how to be an adult advocate, running a 5k, shaving your head to raise money, or jump rope for as long as you want, all it really takes is a little bit of imagination and research to find a way to contribute. Do your homework and find out what kinds of events are going on in your area to see if you would be interested in joining that, or if you don’t see anything that works for you, make your own event. Set up a way for others to donate to the cause as you work your way through some sort of challenge.

For more information on creating your own fundraiser see this page and remember that Crowdrise, Kickstarter, Indiegogo,, are great platforms for accepting donations.